Target fatigued? Why not consider goals instead.

Why does the issue of achieving targets in business, and your personal life, generate so much frustration these days? This is a growing topic with many that I speak to. Arbitrary targets based on expectations without solid foundations are a real turn off, and worse still have little chance of succeeding without a belief that they can be achieved. Why then are targets still the main driver for many?

The term ‘target fatigue’ is becoming more and more common. So why not switch the focus to achieving your goals as an alternative?

By changing targets to goals you can increase your chances of producing results. Constructing a step by step plan to achieve a goal puts substance into the process and generates a real ‘buy in’ and a motivation to succeed. Avoid pitching yourself into a delusional zone that is probably no more than wishful thinking, however, as this will produce an entirely different outcome.

Part of the process is judging just how relevant and achievable your goals are. From there you can put down markers to assess progress against your gameplan and the timescale you have decided is within reach.

Goals that are too easy or hard aren’t compelling, but hitting the sweet spot in between may be the challenge and outcome you are looking for. As you decide where to pitch your expectations aim high. Stretching ourselves brings a tangible feeling of satisfaction and helps all of us to grow as a person.

Are you considering goals to achieve that will give you what you want?


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