New Year Resolutions

The tradition of making New Year resolutions appears to have been as strong as ever this year. But, the common message I've heard is "I'm not very good at sticking to my resolutions but I'm going to try again". In fact, the results of a recent survey indicate that less [...]

With a little help from the good times

Do you remember a time when you reminisced about a past event that brought you pleasure and the memory of it raised a little inner smile? In a quiet moment most of us have. In fact, by concentrating on a particular memory it can almost have the same effect as [...]

Why has building resilience become a hot topic?

Resilience is a little like patience, it comes naturally to some but for the majority of us it's a matter of learning new methods and ways of finding calm. It's completely necessary for ordinary working lives and has become fundamental to being able to cope with ever increasing acceleration of [...]

Focus on things that matter

  Take an objective look at where your time is actually spent. In business thousands of pounds are spent every year on time-management programmes but there is a simple truth… there are only so many hours in the day, and you can’t dig yourself out of a problem by pretending that you can create more time. If you accept the fact that your time is finite and your energy is not limitless, it’s worthwhile thinking about what it delivers. Let’s say you’re fully awake and energised for about 60 hours a week. Then consider this: Where does that time go? If you think of time as an investment, what would the return look like? What is your personal return on the time invested? Failure to manage the pressure on your time can lead to a sense of being unproductive. When you get to that frustrating point of feeling “I’ve been busy but what have I actually achieved?”; then it’s time to re assess how to make the best use of your time. Remember that talking it through with somebody you trust or a mentor can often be a great help. Don’t just work hard, work hard on the things that matter.   […]

Step across the dotted line

Create a little more self belief Imagine you are standing in a space with your toes against a dotted line. On this side of the line you believe your negative thoughts. You accept that how you see things now is the way you will always see them. Any adverse feelings [...]

The ‘Shoulds’

Of all the thinking patterns that contribute to unhappiness, it's the 'shoulds' that are the most pervasive and unhelpful. 'Shoulds' play a major role in feelings such as anger, resentment, and bitterness. They reflect our expectations of how people ought to behave and how the world ought to be... My [...]

The focus is on personal improvement

It's very clear that interest and focus on personal improvement is now greater than ever. What is really encouraging is the extent to which business is embracing this trend with a recognition that supporting individuals to succeed and grow as a person actually shows itself in the results being achieved. [...]

Target fatigued?

Target fatigued? Why not consider goals instead. Why does the issue of achieving targets in business, and your personal life, generate so much frustration these days? This is a growing topic with many that I speak to. Arbitrary targets based on expectations without solid foundations are a real turn off, [...]

Focusing on the road ahead

I was reminded recently of the quote “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. The sentiment is sound. Learn from past experience, both good and bad. In terms of our own wellbeing however, it’s essential to recognise that we are not defined by the things [...]